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Permanent Makeup in St. Augustine

Post Mastectomy Areola Tattoos

Post Mastectomy Areola Tattoos are hyper realistic 3D tattoos that are meant to replace areolas and nipples that are lost after a Mastectomy. Post Mastectomy Areola tattoos are meant for women or men that are Breast Cancer SURVIVORS, that are ONE YEAR post Mastectomy (unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, with or without reconstruction). Ideal candidates for this procedure cannot be actively receiving Chemotherapy and/or Radiation; these treatments need to be completed 6 months prior to the procedure.  The procedure itself involves mapping of the breasts and choosing the appropriate areola/nipple colors based upon the clients skin tone and personal preference.  The client will be numbed during the procedure and pain is very minimal.  This procedure is usually covered by private insurance and clients can be reimbursed by their insurance company.   Many times, this is the final step for individuals looking to achieve realistic/aesthetic results post Mastectomy.  This is very rewarding work for us and we are so humbled and grateful to be able to work with these SURVIVORS!  2 sessions are required for optimal results.

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